Vision & Mission

The vision of the European Society of Agricultural Engineers is: 

To serve – on a pan-European basis, through its members and through the advancement of engineering and allied sciences –

The needs of humanity in terms of nutrition, food, biomass for renewable energy and materials, and health - which entails the protection of nature, environment and rural communities, and managing landscape

By fostering mutual understanding, improvement and rationalisation of sustainable biological production and food systems


The mission of the Society is: 

  • To support scientists and engineers working multi-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary in the field of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering in Europe within Technical Readiness Levels 4-11, with application on biological materials (food, feed and biomass), organisms (plants, animals, micro-organisms), farming and food systems, and the environment; 
  • To coordinate the exchange of scientific and engineering achievements and adapt education programs to the needs of the sector;
  • To promote the scientific and engineering potential, capability and achievements of both the Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering profession and the Ag industries which it serves, and the collaboration between academic and industry research.