EurAgEng Recognition Award

EurAgEng owes a huge debt of gratitude to the many people who have given time, energy and enthusiasm to Society in many different ways.

Candidates of this award, that is handed-over at AgEng or Land.technik-AgEng conferences, can be provided at any time by sending an official letter, motivating the candidature, and a CV of the candidate, by email to the EurAgEng secretariat at  [email protected].


PAST winners of the recognition award:


Due to the huge efforts to make this first virtual AgEng event a success and having to endure the postponement of the 2020 date with related administrative and organisation issues, The EurAgEng presidents awarded Fátima Baptista and her team with the recognition award.



Dr William Day of Hexham, Northumberland received a EurAgEng Recognition Award for his work in developing, promoting and expanding ‘Biosystems Engineering’, the official Scientific Journal of EurAgEng.

William became Editor in Chief of the Journal in 2007 and since then encouraged submissions such that the Journal now receives over 1200 submissions a year. This has enabled the Biosystems Engineering journal to maintain an extremely high standard and improve its international standing. The journal’s Impact Factor, which is used by many to indicate quality, has increased during Bill’s period in charge from less than 1 to 3.215. Now that William is retiring from the Editorship, with this award EurAgEng wants to thank him for his efforts in expanding and developing the readership, quality and standing of Biosystems Engineering internationally.


2019 - During the Land.Technik AgEng conference in Hannover, Germany, Dr.-Ing. Heribert Reiter, Vice President Engineering Global Tractors, and also General Manager Research and Development at AGCO was presented the Recognition Award.

Dr Reiter played a key role in the setup and successful roll-out of decision structures in both VDMA, Landtechnik, the largest European association of the agricultural engineering industry and CEMA, the European association of the agricultural machinery industry. In VDMA he supported actively the set of a technical board to facilitate the collaboration between tractor and implement manufacturers on technical topics in the industry. For CEMA he was the first chairman of the new technical board, structured with senior industry leaders that could take decisive actions on complex technical matters. For 6 years he formed the fundaments that lead to moving from a reactive to a proactive approach, to avoid costly, not effective nor efficient legislation and policies on safety and health, the environment and climate change, and make it fit for the whole agricultural sector. His leadership and support were also instrumental to build the international Agricultural Electronics Industry Foundation AEF in 2008. Today AEF is seen as a unique project, a fundament to build fully connected agriculture and to solve the many technical challenges related to it.

Dr.-Ing. Heribert Reiter with his large technical background on agricultural machinery and his family heritage of farming has always been thinking and articulating in a national and international forum with the eyes and the interest of the customers of agricultural machinery.  He is a true leader of the European agricultural industry. 


2016 - During the CIGR AgEng 2016 conference in Aarhus, Denmark,  the following EurAgEng members were presented with the EurAgEng Recognition Award in appreciation for all that they have done and continue to do for the society:

Adam Dubowski

Since 1981 Adam has worked at PIMR, the Industrial Institute of Agricultural Engineering, in Poland, with a string of agricultural innovations to his name. But EurAgEng would like to recognise the enthusiasm and diligence with which he conducts his role as National Society contact. Adam can be relied on to keep details of Polish members up to date as well as providing the Secretariat with interesting material and feedback on activities. 


Hannu Haapala

Haanu is a well travelled agricultural and forestry engineer from Finland who is currently the CEO of ProAgria. He specializes in new technologies and innovations and served EurAgEng for many years not only as his country’s Council representative but also as Chairman of ENGAGE, the network of co-operating research institutes in the fields of agricultural, biosystems and environmental engineering which also acts as a strategic division of EurAgEng. During his time in the chair he led a project to produce material for the website about the Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering profession. 

Steve Parkin

Steve has worn many hats during his career but currently as Managing Editor of Biosystems Engineering, the official journal of EurAgEng, he has had a significant part to play in raising the profile of the Journal, modernising its systems and raising the Impact Factor in conjunction with his colleagues and the publishers, Elsevier! He has been a regular presence at both AgEng and Land.Technik conferences, meeting and advising authors and reviewers and promoting the Journal. We hope he will be at many more to come! 

Morten Dam Rasmussen

EurAgEng would also like to thank the person and his entire team who are responsible for bringing about CIGR AgEng 2106. Without Morten dam Rasmussen, we would not have enjoyed the Danish hospitality and another successful and well run conference this week.






2014 - Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Schulze Lammers President, Past President, VDI representative and CIGR representative,László Fenyvesi, very active in promoting EurAgEng in Eastern Europe, Thomas Anken conference organiser 2014 and Robert Kaufmann outgoing president were all honoured at AgEng2014 in Zurich.


2012 - The following people were awarded the EurAgEng Recognition Award at CIGR-AgEng2012 as an acknowledgement of their contributions over the years.

Demetres Briassoulis from Greece, 

Ettore Gasparetto of Italy, 

Peter Pickel from Germany, and

past President and organiser of the conference, Florentino Juste of Spain,

were all honoured with the Society’s Recognition Award for their efforts in leading and promoting EurAgEng.