Outstanding Paper Award

Publishing high quality papers in peer-reviewed journals is a vital component in research, and EurAgEng recognised this, by adopting Biosystems Engineering as its Official Scientific Journal in 1994. In 2008, for the first time, some of the best papers published in the journal are being recognised through the EurAgEng Outstanding Paper Award.

The Awards are sponsored by the UK’s Society of Agricultural Engineers, IAgrE, which is the owner of the Journal, and will now be a feature of the biennial AgEng Conferences. They will be given to authors of outstanding papers published in Biosystems Engineering in the previous two years.

And for CIGR AgEng2016 Aarhus:

Vision-based localisation of mature apples in tree images using convexity Eliyahu (Efim) Kelman, Raphael Linker.

High-precision laser scanning system for capturing 3D plant architecture and analysing growth of cereal plants Stefan Paulus, Henrik Schumann, Heiner Kuhlmann, Jens Léon

Co-robotic intra-row weed control system Manuel Pérez-Ruíz, David C. Slaughter, Fadi A. Fathallah, Chris J. Gliever, Brandon J. Miller

AgEng2014 Zurich - Here are the BE Outstanding Paper winners for 2014

E2D-ROPS: Development and tests of an automatically deployable, in height and width, front-mounted ROPS for narrow-track tractors.Tomas Ballesteros, Ignacio Arana, Amaya Perez Ezcurdia,Jose R Alfaro

A CFD greenhouse night-time condensation model Davide Piscia, Juan I Montero, Esteban Baeza, Bernard J Bailey

Tractor-based Real-time Kinematic-Global Positioning System (RTK-GPS) guidance system for geospatial mapping of row crop transplant. Manuel Perez-Ruiz, David G Slaughter, C Gliever, Shrini Upadhyaya


Four teams of authors collected an Outstanding Paper Award from the editors of Biosystems Engineering, the EurAgEng Official Scientific Journal. They were chosen by the Editorial Board, from a shortlist of 11 papers, submitted to Biosystems Engineering over the last two years. Congratulations go to firstly D. Bochtis and C. Sørensen; secondly to S.-W. Hong, I. Lee, H. Hwang, I. Seo, J. Bitog, K. Kwon, J. Song, O. Moon, K. Kim, H. Ko and, S. Chung; thirdly to P. Sonneveld, G. Swinkels, J. Campen, B. Tuijl, H. Janssen and G. Bot; and finally to B. Vanthoor. C. Stanghellini, E. Henten and P. de Visser.

AgEng2010 Clermont Ferrand - Outstanding Paper Award Winners

Optimisation of fresh-food supply chains in uncertain environments, Part II: A case study F. Dabbene , P. Gay and N. Sacco  Biosystems Engineering, Volume 99, Issue 3, March 2008, Pages 360-371

ZigBee-based wireless sensor networks for classifying the behaviour of a herd of animals using classification trees E.S. Nadimi, H.T. Søgaard and T. Bak  Biosystems Engineering, Volume 100, Issue 2, June 2008, Pages 167-176

Estimating mean particle diameter in free-fall granular particle flow using a Poisson model in space T.E. Grift and C.M. CrespiBiosystems Engineering, Volume 101, Issue 1, September 2008, Pages 28-35


The winners were announced at the AgEng2008 Conference from a shortlist that was published in the Conference Newsletter. Bill Day, Editor-in-Chief (and Past President of EurAgEng) said, “The exercise of choosing the short list from more than 300 papers published during the previous two years proved a real challenge, but we have twelve strong papers from which the Journal’s Editorial Board have been asked to choose Award winners. I am pleased that these Awards can demonstrate to the research community the value we place on their work”. The winners were:

  • O. Hamza, A.G. Bengough, M.F. Bransby, M.C.R. Davies and P.D. Hallett, Biomechanics of Plant Roots: estimating Localised Deformation with Particle Image Velocimetry. Volume 94, Issue 1, May 2006, 119-132
  • N.D. Tillett and T. Hague, Increasing Work Rate in Vision Guided Precision Banded Operations. Volume 94, Issue 4, August 2006, 487-494
  • S.A. Cryer and D.E. Barnekow, Estimating Outside Air Concentrations surrounding Fumigated Grain Mills. Volume 94, Issue 4, August 2006, 557-572
  • V.T. Thanh, A. Van Brecht, E. Vranken and D. Berckmans. Modelling of Three-dimensional Air Temperature Distributions in Porous Media. Volume 96, Issue 3, March 2007, 345-360