EurAgEng Recognition Award 2019

In a ceremony held in Land.Technik AgEng 2019, the European Society for Agricultural Engineers assigned its prominent Recognition Award. 

This year's prize was granted to Dr.-Ing. Heribert Reiter, Vice President Engineering Global Tractors, and also General Manager Research and Development at AGCO. 

Dr. Reiter played a key role in the setup and successful roll-out of decision structures in both VDMA, Landtechnik, the largest European association of the agricultural engineering industry and CEMA, the European association of the agricultural machinery industry. In VDMA he supported actively the set of a technical board to facilitate the collaboration between tractor and implement manufacturers on technical topics in the industry. For CEMA he was the first chairman of the new technical board, structured with senior industry leaders that could take decisive actions on complex technical matters. For 6 years he formed the fundaments that lead to moving from a reactive to a proactive approach, to avoid costly, not effective nor efficient legislation and policies on safety and health, the environment and climate change, and make it fit for the whole agricultural sector. His leadership and support were also instrumental to build the international Agricultural Electronics Industry Foundation AEF in 2008. Today AEF is seen as a unique project, a fundament to build a fully connected agriculture and to solve the many technical challenges related to it.

Dr.-Ing. Heribert Reiter with his large technical background on agricultural machinery and his family heritage of farming has always been thinking and articulating in a national and international forum with the eyes and the interest of the customers of agricultural machinery.  He is a true leader of the European agricultural industry.