Young Professionals Network YPN

The EurAgEng Young Professionals Network (YPN) is a newly established branch of EurAgEng that aims to build a network of young professionals (YPs) from agricultural and biological engineering from academia and industry. Thus bridging the gap between the two. YPN will organize events, seminars, and workshops that will help and support young professionals within our field. The YPN aims to work across five themes:


- Animal and aquaculture

- Plant production, forestry, and environmental systems

- Machinery, sensors, and robotics

- Modelling and data science

- Processing and consumer marketing



To join the YPN, the following pre-requisites are important to note:

·        To be a part of YPN, you need to be a member of EurAgEng.

o   EurAgEng membership is free for 5 years for doctoral researchers

o   If you are already a member of your National Society, ask them if you can become a member of EurAgEng through them for free.

o   In other cases, EurAgEng membership is 65€/year  (see membership)

·        YPs should be between the ages of 21 – 35 years (industry or academia)

o   Doctoral researchers above the age of 35 but below age 40 would also be considered within the network

o   Any doctoral researchers above the age of 40 would only be considered post clarification


Interested to join? Would you like to avail the free membership as a doctoral researcher? Then go to membership to apply.

Furthermore, if you know other young professionals within your own network (academia or industry) then please feel free to spread the word using the newsletter below.




What’s your story? A career path series from EurAgEng YPN

The next edition: Every last Wednesday of the month (will be announced accordingly)




Sharvari Raut

[email protected]

ATB Postdam

YPN Chair

Carmen L. Manuelian

[email protected]

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Processing and consumer marketing

YPN Co-Chair

Eduardo Navas Merlo [email protected]

Centre for Automation and Robotics


Machinery, Sensors and Robotic
José Carlos Silva Rico [email protected] University of Évora Animal and Aquaculture
Tuany Hoffmann [email protected]
ATB Postdam Modelling and Data Science

Hannah Arwen Graef

[email protected] University of Kassel, Germany

Plant production, forestry and environment systems

Sahu Harsh

[email protected]
Freie Universität Berlin

Biomedical Sciences

YPN Communications Leader



If you have any questions, suggestions (for events, seminars), or queries concerning the network, please do not hesitate to contact us.